Ryan Hasselmeier
Professional Site of Ryan Hasselmeier - A consultant located in the North Houston suburban area of Montgomery Texas.  Primary professional focus is on that of small business entrepreneurs and individuals with assistance need in the areas of tax compliance, technology and emerging internet markets.  Mr. Hasselmeier obtained his degree in Accounting and Management Information Systems from Sam Houston State University and has been involved business since a child growing up in his families restaurant.  As a father of five, husband to one and a friend to many....  Mr. Hasselmeier is also committed to his Church and actively involved in his community.  Donating hundreds of hours to local non-profits who have our youth as their primary focus.   

Mr. Hasselmeier is currently the President/CEO of Advisors Group International Inc and also serves on the boards of the American Signing Agents Association Inc and the American Tax Professional Association Inc.

Professional Services:
From serving his families businesses as a teen to being on the teams involved in mega-mergers while at Arthur Andersen, Mr. Hasselmeier has consulted individuals up to multi-national corporations on matters of accounting, taxation and general compliance.  Currently Mr. Hasselmeier is focused on Individual and small business taxation at AdvisorsGroup|USA which is the tax services division of Advisors Group International Inc.  In addition with all of the recent IRS compliance changes for Tax Professionals, Mr. Hasselmeier is lending his experiences with other professionals with his involvement at the American Tax Professional Association Inc.

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Information Technology
As soon as the first computers were coming out Mr. Hasselmeier's family had them for shared use.  Technology has come easy to Mr. Hasselmeier and building, fixing and utilizing computer technology has been a primary focus of his for many years.  Mr. Hasselmeier is involved in various IT related projects and has the experience necessary to serve as your guide through the various aspects of marketing, design, web technologies, iPhone Apps, Android Apps and numerous other technology based solutions for your business or organization.

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Notary Signing Agent
Being encouraged to become a notary at an early age Mr. Hasselmeier has years of experience in complex notarial transactions.  As as signing agent for many years performing at-home mortgage closings for borrowers either purchasing, selling, refinancing or utilizing the benefits of a reverse mortgages, it became apparent that the industry lack consistent standards regarding Signing Agents.  Mr. Hasselmeier now serves as the Chairman of the American Signing Agents Association Inc, a National Professional Association dedicated to signing agent education, training, industry standards and spreading awareness.

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